Energía renovable


The environment of track solar panel-often desert or desert-like regions-is usually characterized by aridness, sand, high temperatures and significant temperature fluctuations. Such conditions require bearings should have low-friction and be able to maintain its toughness and other properties under weatherable conditions for long durations of time.

Renewable energy is being developed as a new resource and JFZ bearings play a role here too in the equipment for photovoltaic power generation and wind power generation as well as manufacturing equipment thereof. 

For example, our bearings are used in the wire saws used to cut silicon wafers of solar cells, the etching equipment and diffusion furnaces of the cell process, conveyance robots used in all processes, sun-tracking devices used in photovoltaic power generation equipment, as well as the main shaft of wind turbines, gear-reducer, generators and swiveling parts in the area of wind power generation.